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Hey, dear Aiba-lovers^^

Since our sunshine has a new drama I thought that we actually should talk about this, so I made "kind of review" for the first episode. Basically it's just me talking about what happens in ep 1 and adding some thoughts and questions to it because there are some things I am really curious about! So, if anybody wants to discuss the episode with me, DO IT! I really need to talk about it with somebody^^

I posted the review in "storm freaks" HERE

It's actually an audio review, but I also posted a written review (it's the same, you can either chose to listen to it or read it or read it while listening^^).

I hope you have already watched it as well and I am looking forward to your ideas on this episode!

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Welcome to Aiba-world :D 

This shall become a place to exchange our love for the little sunshine. ;) Everything is allowed to be posted, but please remember those rules: 

- No bashing! Respect other opinions!
- Please post videos locked - just to be safe ;) 
- If you have bigger entries, put them under a cut! 
- If you need something, contact me ;) 


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